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Mainely Movement

Join Trish for a morning of movement. Trish and kids will work on balance, coordination, strength and imagination while participating in fun activities throughout the gym. Parents & siblings can stay in the butterfly area & sitting area while you watch your children expand their abilities. When they leave class you can surely expect to hear “ mom look at me!”


Preschool of Rock is a music class for babies and toddlers that's different from all the others. Full of hands-on activities & musical instruments, once per week your child will look forward to singing songs, dancing, shaking shakers, jingling bells, hitting drums and much more! 

Movement is Monday or Friday 

9:15- 10  $65

10/21 - 11/28

Preschool of Rock

9:15-10 $65

11/12- 12/17 

Call to reserve your space!


Helping Children With Anxiety

11/6 9:15 - 10

Shelby Levesque is a Marriage and family therapist who has worked with children, teens, families, couples, and adults on emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD,
oppositional issues with children, trauma related issues, body image.
Shelby enjoys connecting with others on a personal level, often
drawing from her own life experiences to help relate and inform her work, as we have all gone through difficult
things. She also has a growing passion for bringing knowledge and education about relationships and emotions into
the community so that everyone can benefit and grow socially and emotionally to live their best lives

In a guided discussion Shelby will support parents and caregivers to learn how to best talk with
children about anxiety, strategies to support them most effectively, and go over common
barriers that we can often encounter and make us all feel “stuck” in caring for a child who
struggles with these difficult emotions. Shelby will also help to foster a conversation where
parents and caregivers know they are not alone in their struggles of helping their little ones
with these hard feelings—we all have some knowledge and experience to bring to the table, so
she welcomes a lively discussion where everyone’s input is welcome! Learning how our kids
work and how to support them should be fun, supportive and non-judgmental, so come join in
the conversation, it truly takes a village to raise wonderful little people!